Beautiful Reseda, CA : Interesting Facts & tips about this wonderful city located in San Fernando Valley CA.

reseda close 2This article is my passionate depiction of how I have come to know Reseda. It includes some startling facts that may surprise you. Pebble Singha – Real Estate Broker has sold Real Estate in Reseda for many years as a Top REALTOR.  In these years I came across stories and tips shared by the wonderful residents who sold their homes with me, on how they saw life in Reseda CA. This article is just an attempt to share some of those incredible and interesting bits that Pebble Singha has learnt and treasured over the years from residents past and present.

Birth Of Reseda:

One hot afternoon I ran into Harry, a senior citizen who lived on Sylvia ave, in Reseda, while knocking on doors. He was a man of many interesting stories. God bless his soul, he passed away and left me with some treasures that he would share with me every month when I would be out knocking on doors. According to Harry, Reseda was established in 1912. Reseda was one of the Valley’s first suburbs. Reseda is a hard working, family oriented, fun city located approximately 30 miles north-west of downtown Los Angeles. Did you know that Reseda was not the original name of this town? Harry said to me, Pebble Reseda was originally named the town of “Marian”, when finally it was changed to what it is today in 1921. Did you know that Reseda is approximately 7.5-square-mile in size? The boundaries of Reseda are bounded on the east by White Oak ave, to Corbin ave in the west, and Roscoe Blvd. in the North to Victory Blvd. in the south.

sherman way
El Rey Del Mar Restaurant on Sherman way. Known for its Micheladas and Karaoke. One of my place for take out.

The historic Sherman Way runs through Reseda and has been one of the main arteries of the San Fernando Valley. When landing at the Burbank Airport, the approach is right over Sherman way, with giant swaying palm trees, a scene you will be familiar with, if you are a frequent flier into Burbank Airport. Did you know that Reseda was once a part of the San Fernando Mission’s vast land holdings?  Reseda Ca, was primarily an agricultural community until 1945, mostly growing Lettuce, Oranges and Walnuts. Did you know that Reseda was the largest producer of Lettuce before the World War II era in the United States? Southern Pacific Rail came all the way to the middle of Sherman Way to pick up Wagons filled with Lettuce. Reseda became a part of the huge Real Estate development in the 50’s. The return of the world war veterans, changed this community to what it is today.


Guess what they sold for back then?

Martha who lived on Sylvia ave. was a person full of amazing stories. Back then when open houses was a very credible way to sell a home(not so much today. Most Real estate Agents just use it for their own benefit), she would share many stories about the neighborhood of Reseda. She sold her home and moved to Colorado to be with her son. She was an amazing woman. Her home was one of the cleanest and most well-kept 1951 built homes I ever sold in the community of Reseda. When the termite inspector Jeff came to do a Termite inspection, he said to me “Pebble, if you keep inviting me to do an inspection on such well-kept homes, I will be out of business”. of course, he was joking. Martha would invite me in and share her stories when I would be out door knocking in the hot sun. She moved into this home on Sylvia Ave by the Police Station in 1953. She bought this home for $7,500. That’s right, I am not kidding you. When I helped Martha sell her home for $535,000, she said sweetly to me, “Pebble Thank you for being such an incredible REALTOR, I will remember you every time I spend this hard earned money”….. AWWWW. I miss her. Martha said that by 1960’s, similar homes were selling for almost double the price, her friend Leslie bought a home in Reseda for $18,500 during the 1960s (I sold Leslie’s home for $525,000) a few years ago as well. By 1980’s these homes in Reseda were going for about $110,000.


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 Did you know’s?

170px-Reseda_Boulevard_from_Santa_Monica_MountainsDid you know that Reseda Blvd was not named Reseda Blvd to start with? It was named Reseda Avenue until 1929. Another amazing story that was shared by one of my sellers Bruce (he was an original owner as well who bought that home for 13,000 in 1955) when I sold their home on Lanark street, he told me that the first business that opened in Reseda was a Hardware store on the corner of Sherman Way and Reseda Blvd. back in 1915 or so. As the story goes, this very smart businessman recognized the need for tools, as Southern Pacific came all the way to the middle of Sherman Way, that the increasing population would need tools to build and survive. So the idea of the hardware store was born. According to Bruce, the businessman himself was a very good tradesman as well.

allens flowerDid you know that The Southwest Corner of Reseda and Sherman Way used to be a Bank? It was called the Reseda Bank (this is where Allen’s Flower is now located). The South East Corner of Reseda and Sherman Way used to be The Fire Station until 1933 (This is now the location of many Rug stores and a Check Cashing Business)?


  reseda theater corner now boogie nights

Did you know that the Reseda Theater is now a Church? Located on the corner of Sherman Way and Canby Ave) was the venue for many famous concerts and Artists like U2 and Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers? It is no longer in existence. The Reseda council, tried so hard to revive the historic Sherman Way, but in the end, what remains is closed shops and congested corner.


Movies shot in Reseda.

Reseda has been a favorite of Hollywood as well! Many movie scenes have been shot in Reseda. In –fact on of the first Drive In theatres was opened in Reseda in about 1948 or so. Martha a client of mine ( I sold her home for top $$$ a few years ago at the time) shared with me that her husband and she enjoyed this icon in the Reseda area called Reseda Drive in. She said, it was open before she came to CA in 1952 and they would enjoy the Drive in theater until it was torn down in the 1970’s. In- fact the Reseda Drive-in Theater was featured in the 1968 movie “Target” where a deranged gunman goes on a shooting spree in that scene.

Many other movies have been filmed in Reseda. Most noticeable were:

lindley liquorThe 1984 Movie “REPO MAN” featured the Liquor store on 7137 Lindley Ave. It’s called the “Lindley Liquor”, located behind the 711 on the corner of Sherman Way and Lindley Ave in Reseda.



19223 Saticoy st apartment in Karate kidThe 1987 movie “The Karate Kid”. In that movie, Daniel Russo lived in an apartment in Reseda located at 19223 Saticoy St called Seven Seas. It was on the market in 2015 for $4.75 Million. Did you know that the empty field next door to that apartment building “ Seven Seas” which has surprisingly been undeveloped ever since the SFV started and was recently sold for $1,680,000 in December 2014?

t2The 1991 Terminator 2: The Judgement Day featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, has iconic scenes shot in Reseda as well. John Connor was assigned to foster parents that lived Reseda. Reseda Ca was a featured town in this iconic movie.


home worth 2

boogie nights opening sceneThe 1997 movie “ The Boogie Nights” featured Mark Wahlberg, Heather Graham and Burt Reynolds has quite a bit of footage shot in Reseda. It had scenes filed at the empty parking lot across the 99 cent store on Sherman Way and Etiwanda. It also featured the Miss Doughnuts in few scenes. St. Catherine-Siena Catholic Church was also featured in one of the scenes.  The biggest of them all was the Reseda Theater located on 18442 Sherman way ave. which was the Discotheque in the movie. Now there is a Church at that location.

american beauty1999 movie “The American Beauty” featuring Annette Benning and Peter Gallagher. Kevin Spacey was featured in this scene as well, where he is at the drive thru window as an expediter. This drive thru scene was shot at the Carl’s Jr Located on the corner of Tampa and Victory Blvd.



great wall2011 “The Drive” featuring Ryan Gosling shot some scenes at the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant. The Great Wall Restaurant has been there since 1984. Most of its staff has been there which seems like forever. I love the food here and frequent it quite often. One of the waitresses upfront, usually at the cash register has been there for at least 15 years or more. It is a classic icon of  Reseda.


220px-Collapsed_Apartment_After_Northridge_EarthquakeMISIDENTIFIED AS THE NORTHRIDGE QUAKE:

Did you know that The 1994 earthquake known as the “Northridge Earthquake” was a mistaken identity? The actual quake’s Epicenter was in the City of Reseda, just west of Reseda Blvd between Ingomar and Arminta Streets. The 6.7 magnitude quake should be called the “Reseda Earthquake”.


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Parks:20150727_114550 My Favorite park is the Officer Randal D. Simmons park on Wilbur and Vanowen.  To me it has one of the most wonderful children’s play area. It is secure, one exit. The famous Ice Cream guy outside, who has been there for over 15 years is a joy to talk to. This park has been dedicated to the service of a beloved fallen Officer Randal D. Simmons who died in the line of duty in a shootout in the city of Winnetka, 2008. Just a sad day.


Being a Reseda Real Estate Specialist, I am indebted to the Reseda homeowners from all walks of life, that I have had the pleasure to represent, and I must say that I truly enjoyed their loyalty and love over the many years I have given to this community. All these stories that I share is a treasure that was passed on by the homeowners that I represented to sell their homes. Sadly most have passed on, but left me with a legacy to pass on to the residents of Reseda.

In many years of being a Top agent in the community, I have dedicated myself to the betterment of this community and work every day to give back to this wonderful community. I have organized, street clean ups, Graffiti Removals, Annual Garage Sale events, took part in the LAPD CPAB meetings to bring forth issues that continue to plague this community and help resolve them with the assistance of our wonderful Captain Egan and his staff.  See what Pebble Singha has done for the community of Reseda over 10 years.

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